Getting Started with Thistlezyme®

Getting Started with Thistlezyme®

The decision to make any product is one that should involve a certain amount of research and thought. This is especially true when it when it comes to making cheese, be it as a value added product for a dairy, a stand alone cheese business or a home cheesemaker. There are several things that have to be factored when making a decision, some of them include:

• What type of cheese do you want to make?
• Where are you getting and what type of milk to use?
• What do you want to use as a coagulant?

The first two items are usually an easy choice for the cheesemaker, home or professional, but many spend far too much time on those two and not on the last one. What do you want to use as a coagulant or “rennet”? Lots of great cheese is made using animal rennet, but with a growing number of cheese consumers wanting a vegetarian friendly cheese, or wanting an “Animal Friendly” cheese, have been searching out ones that are made without animal rennet. This is where Thistlezyme® can be the best and most viable options as it can be used in the production of all types of cheese from soft to hard aged varieties.

By now you have read our post Thistlezyme® – A Great Way To Make Cheese (Please take the time to read it as it has technical details about the enzyme) and know that Thistlezyme® is derived from the flower of the Cardoon Thistle, Cynara cardunculus, which has been used in Portuguese and Spanish Cheesemaking for centuries. Thistlezyme®, though routed in these traditions of these cheesemakers, has been developed to eliminate the guess work that can arise from “Homemade” thistle rennets that can vary in strength that can occur if weather conditions were not conducive to allow the Cardoon to grow properly. You get a standardize strength every time and a long shelf life, providing it is stored properly.

Now the question is – “How do I start the process and get Thistlezyme®?”

If you are looking at using it for any sized Commercial Cheese Production, the answer is as simple as calling (212.736.1580 ex 247) or emailing Enzyme Development Corporation,, We will be happy to provide you with the some if not all of the following:

• Answer any questions you might have about Thistlezyme® and its use,
• Provide sample cheese formulas, we already have one posted here; and
• If required “On Site Consulting” when you start to use Thistlezyme® in production.

For home cheesemaking you can contact the New England Cheesemaking Supply Company where you can order it in 2 oz or 1 kg containers. We are working with them to provide small packaging options.